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Changes in Sec. 174 make it a good time to review the R&E strategy of your business

A tax law that passed in 2017 makes a major change to Section 174 research and experimental (R&E) expenses. Here’s what it might mean for your 2022 business tax return being filed this year.

Additional Tax Relief Provided for Californians Impacted by Winter Storms

The California Franchise Tax Board is conforming to the IRS’s postponement of filing and payment deadlines to October 16, 2023, for taxpayers located in most California counties due to the recent winter storms.

Answers to your questions about 2023 limits on individual taxes

How much is the standard deduction in 2023? How much do you have to earn this year before you can stop paying Social Security on your salary? Here are some Q&As about these and other tax-related amounts for 2023.

How the new SECURE 2.0 law may affect your business

You’ve probably heard about the new SECURE 2.0 law. Here’s what it might mean for your business.

Now hiring: 10 questions to ask bookkeeper candidates

Hiring a bookkeeper for your small business can be a daunting task. Here are some helpful tips.

Reading the tea leaves: Potential tax legislation in the new Congress

With Republicans now in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, what’s the fate of prospective tax legislation in 2023?

Child tax credit: The rules keep changing but it’s still valuable

If you’re a parent, you know that children are expensive. Fortunately, there’s a federal Child Tax Credit that may help you with the expenses. Here are the current rules.

Key tax issues in M&A transactions

Pay attention to taxes if you’re buying or selling a business. After a transaction is complete, it may be too late to get the best tax results.

Retirement plan early withdrawals: Make sure you meet the requirements to avoid a penalty

Breaking into a retirement plan before age 59½ may result in a penalty tax. But there are exceptions. Here are the rules, along with what happened to one taxpayer who tried to avoid the penalty because he had diabetes.