KKB understands that all professional service firms, both large and small, must constantly adapt to meet client demands. As a professional service firm ourselves, we recognize the unique challenges that professional services firms face in meeting their clients’ evolving needs.

Whether professional service firms are looking to maximize operating efficiency, sustain profitability, or maintain meaningful client relationships, KKB can help. Our accountants and advisors apply our decades of experience to assist clients in achieving their tax and overall cost savings objectives, establishing long-term stability, and preparing for growth. By closely joining our dedicated expert services team with each client’s specific circumstances and goals, KKB helps our clients implement efficient, proven, industry-specific solutions to address accounting, tax, and general business challenges.

KKB serves a wide range of professional service clients, including legal, medical, engineering, advertising, and consulting firms. Our Professional Services team provides a full range of accounting and advisory services, including:

  • Tax Preparation, Planning, and Consulting
  • Assurance and Financial Statements
  • Consulting for Specific Transactions
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Internal Controls & Operations Review
  • Compensation Planning

KKB provides tailored solutions to help professional service firms better serve their clients. We have made it our mission to go beyond the traditional role of accountant and tax advisor to help our clients anticipate challenges before they arise and resolve complex issues unique to each individual practice.