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Growing your business with a new partner: Here are some tax considerations

If you’re adding a new partner to your partnership, you may think the tough part is over once you find the right person. But there could be complex tax issues to consider.

The pros and cons of turning your home into a rental

Home selling (and buying) season is heating up. At the same time, rents are high in many parts of the country. What are the tax implications if you buy another home but decide to keep your current home and rent it out?

Getting a handle on inventory

For retailers, manufacturers and many other businesses, a significant amount of working capital is tied up in inventory. What can your company do to lower its inventory carrying costs?

Keep these 3 issues in mind after you file your return

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Update on retirement account required minimum distributions

The SECURE 2.0 law includes good news about required minimum distributions from tax-favored retirement accounts. But an earlier law contained some bad news for certain beneficiaries of inherited retirement accounts. Here are the rules.

The tax deadline is almost here: File for an extension if you’re not ready

The April 15 tax deadline is approaching, but what if you’re not ready to file? There are some simple steps you can take to avoid steep penalties.

Coordinating Sec. 179 tax deductions with bonus depreciation

There’s more than one way for businesses to claim depreciation tax deductions. By combining them, you can get optimal tax-saving results.

Beware of a stealth tax on Social Security benefits

Many retirees are surprised to find out that some of their Social Security benefits are hit with federal income tax. Will you be one of them? Here are the rules.

Maximize the QBI deduction before it’s gone

The qualified business income (QBI) deduction is scheduled to disappear after 2025. Congress could extend it, but don’t count on it. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it while you can.