The real estate industry seems to be in a constant state of transformation. Seasoned real estate owners, operators, and developers understand that they must continually adapt to evolving market demands to seize opportunities. While the industry is inclined to change frequently, real estate properties have historically been attractive to investors because they can yield impressive profits. However, they can also generate losses, so it is essential for stakeholders to partner with advisors who understand the inherent risks facing this vibrant sector.

KKB has decades of experience developing and implementing solutions to help real estate clients achieve growth and long-term financial success. Whether our clients are engaged in industrial sites, offices, hospitality businesses, residential developments, or retail properties, KKB’s professionals assist them in evaluating the economics and maximizing tax advantages. Our experienced team works collaboratively with clients to identify the smartest audit, tax, and consulting strategies, customized to meet their needs.

KKB’s professionals provide a wide array of services to the real estate sector, including:

  • Audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements
  • Tax preparation and strategic tax planning
  • Cash flow projections and profitability analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Analysis of available tax credits

KKB’s real estate experts have an intimate understanding of the complex tax and accounting challenges specific to the real estate industry. We are readily available to assist clients in all areas of the real estate sector in remaining compliant and achieving financial success.